Fabrication of the Campbell House Sign
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<< This sign has an internal frame of 1" square steel tubing
Sign frame is clamped for welded  >>
<<  Another picture of frame during fabrication
Sign frame in background, sign face in foreground >>
<<  During installation, Robert checks the frame to be sure it is level
Sign is secured in place and ready for concrete >>
<<  Close up of frame attached to turned PVC post
Post hole ready for concrete. J-bolts will extend into the concrete   >>
<< 24 hours later, the concrete is dry and the sawhorse supports have been removed.
Sign face is ready to be mounted. Notice our dog, George, in the back of the truck.     >>
<<  Sign face has been installed. Tomorrow we will install decorative balls on top of the posts and white lattice under the sign.  This is all for today.
Back at the shop, George catches a few ZZZZ's   >>