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<< 48" X 48" unit emblem sign for the Army CBRN School
Close up view of CBRN sign. All sign elements were designed, carved and painted by us.   >>
<< Each element was separately carved and painted, then was added to the sign
All sign elements were carved in MDF or HDF >>
<< Carved sign in MDF. Burgundy areas were carved to a depth of 1/8"
This 40"x40" sign was carved in 2" thick mahogany >>
<< 3D carved sign elements for a trade show
Sign for a local doctor's office  >>
<< Sign for a cottage on the outer banks
You must "be nice" in Judy's kitchen >>
<< A carved entrance sign for Mike and Christina
Various small signs mounted on a display >>
<<  Carve entrance sign in PVC
Click HERE to see the fabrication sequence of the Campbell House Sign